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Company history

Kids continent was founded 10 years ago in 2006. Starting as a small distribution company, we have since grown into a global distribution initiative, doing business with wholesalers primarily in the Middle East, Northern Africa, and surrounding nation-states.

Our Vision

Kids continent seeks to develop long-lasting buyer relationships in by providing superior children’s products, publishing and distributing informational guides on the use of our products and best parenting practices for new mothers, and promoting the teachings of Islam through our brand and published material.

Our Mission Statement

Kids continent strives to provide exceptional quality children’s clothing, infant care products, and toys to our buyers. With over 10 years of experience in our industry, we will undoubtedly rise above our competitors with our fast, reliable service. Kids Quest is passionate about providing mothers and children with these products, as well as promoting the child care education for new mothers and the teachings of Islam for parents and children alike.

Our Strategy

Kids continent is always looking to expand their connections and grow new and old agent relationships. By providing top of the line products, excellent service, and both customer and consumer education and support, we look to build a real business relationship with our customers. Through our dual management/production business system in both Columbus, Ohio, United States, and Bursa, Turkey, we are seeking to reach a larger global audience. We have feedback methods in place to continue to improve and excel, and we are always looking for dynamic solutions and responses to an ever-changing economy and buying-world.

Our Goals

Kids continent seeks to provide the best products, and the best quality service to our customers. We want to provide our customers with the best experience, and we go through great lengths to make sure that we do so. Our company seeks to educate all new parents about how to use our products, and how to handle and raise their new child. Kids continent seeks to teach buyers of our products about Islam, and to grow our relationship with our customers and their consumers through our shared faith. It is our goal to forge new customer and consumer relationships through product quality, education, and religious teachings. We are always looking to expand our customer base and continue to grow in excellence.

Our Values

At Kids continent, we value quality, excellence, and speed of service. We value the idea of family, and we look to better and preserve this idea through parenting education that strengthens a new parent’s ability to raise their children, and through the teachings of Islam which brings an immediate family closer together in religion, as well as bonding them with the larger family of the Islamic faith.

Economic Intent

Kids continent is a privately owned company for profit.


As well as children products and publications, Kids continent provides educational programs about both parenting and the Islamic faith for parents. .

Business Competitiveness

Kids continent is the best distributor of children’s clothing and products. Our business model takes a diversified take on the traditional distribution business set up. With management run in Columbus, Ohio, and production based in Bursa, Turkey, we have a global reach. With this dual-location system, we are able to contact more wholesalers, spread our educational programs more widely, and reach a larger base of sellers.

Quality Policy

We care about our wholesale buyers, our investors, our employees, and most importantly we care about the consumers who will be using our products. We are always looking to improve, and are always dedicated to making sure our customers are 100% satisfied with our products and services. .

Value Chain

To create value for our customers, Kids continent makes sure that our brand and our company is about more than just producing children’s products for wholesalers. We connect with our customers personally through religion and family values, we provide around-the-clock, exceptional customer service and care, and we guarantee all of our products and literature to make buying a risk-free experience. We want to help your wholesale business grow.

Service Pledge

Kids continent is committed to our wholesale buyers and our like-minded community of family oriented consumers. We are committed to the positive promotion and teaching of Islam in a relatable way through our products and publications to children and parents alike. We are committed to producing products for children that are easy for parents to use, and enjoyable, helpful, and safe for children to use. Most importantly, Kids Quest is committed to excellence both in the quality of our products and the way we conduct our business. To promise exceptional service, Kids Quest has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We have a carefully constructed customer feedback system in place that allows us to hear how our customers are responding to our business products and services and act accordingly to effectively eliminate any negative experiences they may be having.

Business Model

Kids continent abides by the traditional business model for a distribution company with a competitive twist. We are privately owned and operated with a management branch located in Columbus, Ohio, United States, and a production center in Bursa, Turkey. Our sales and management team in the United States works to make business connections and grow our brand while our production center makes it easier to reach our clients quickly for shipping and product demonstrations in North African and the Middle East.

Our Team

Sammy A.pharra

chairman of the board

Address : Sammy's international trading & marketing corporate. P.o box 20616 Columbus, OH 43220

Email :

Phone number : +1(614)238 9002 / +1(614)962 0406 / +1(614)791 8752

Mr. Yousef Bn Abd raboh

Regional Director for the Middle East, North Africa and the Arabian Gulf

Address: 88 Avenu. Colonel lotfi. Bab eloued. Algera

Email :

Phone number : +213 552 631 204

Eng Ihab Alfarra

Marketing and Program Development Manager

Address: Intizam mah Doğum Sob, Aydın Apartment No. 3 Floor 3 Home 5 Osman Gazi City/State: Bursa, Turkey Zip/Postal:16010

Email :

Phone number : +90 536 815 3100

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