Geomag Glow - 22 Piece Set

Geomag Glow - 22 Piece Set

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At a Glance

All you need is a little imagination and Geomag will do the rest.

Features and benefits for Geomag Glow - 22 Piece Set

  • Introduces little one's to the principles of magnitism
  • Includes: 22 pieces of Geomag, spheres + rods + panels
  • Glow in the dark!
  • Compatible with all other Geomag sets
  • Magnets teach cause and effect
  • Brilliant for creative minds
  • Constructions boosts fine motor skills
  • Encourage creativity and imaginative play
Want To Know More?

Each Geomag set contains a variety of spheres, rod and in most, panels to allow you to build almost endless combinations. Easy and fun to assemble, Geomag encourages your little one to learn about the cause and effect of magnets while having fun and encourages creativity and imaginative play! 

Suitable from 3 years

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