Zoggs Ultra Fins Blue - Shoe Size 1-2

Zoggs Ultra Fins Blue - Shoe Size 1-2

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At a Glance

These lightweight Zoggs Ultra Fins will aid your child as they learn swimming techniques, help improve their kick technique, ankle flexibility, and increase overall lower body strength and leg stamina.

Features and benefits for Zoggs Ultra Fins Blue - Shoe Size 1 -2

  • Suitable for shoe size 1-2
  • Great for getting active and for physical development
  • Lightweight and compact construction
  • Specifically designed blade for optimum propulsion and performance
  • Improves kick technique and ankle flexibility
  • Helps reduce muscle fatigue in your calves, which can lead to cramps
  • Soft malleable material for extra comfort
  • Made from sustainable rubber (dual density)
Want To Know More?

Perfect for little swimmers who want to improve their technique, these Zoggs Ultra Fins feature a short blade with dual density weight and are made from a soft flexible material for extra comfort whilst the slim blade will give them a balanced and natural rhythmic kick to propel them through the water quicker enabling them to swim faster over longer distances. These Zoggs Ultra Fins can also be used with a kickboard allowing your child to focus on improving their kick.
Ultra Blue Fins are also lightweight which results in a more balanced and natural rhythmic kick as well as a reduction in muscle fatigue on the calves so young swimmers are less likely to experience cramping after a swim.

Never leave your child unsupervised when playing near water.

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