My First Book of Opposites

My First Book of Opposites

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Ice is solid, water is liquid, and anything cold is not hot! Introduce and expand the concept of opposite with dozens of examples and photos of each—even old socks and new socks. Discover the many ways opposite comes into play, including: Front/back. Day/night. Ice cream is cold. Pasta is hot. A beach ball is big. A tennis ball is small. Combined with the word descriptions, this colorful board book not only helps teach opposite but also expands vocabulary and reading readiness skills. A padded cover and thick, durable pages are made for little hands and lots of exploration.

European English spelling/language conventions.

Skills: opposites; object-word association; object-picture association; vocabulary; fine motor skills

My First Book of OppositesDetails

  • Product# 40070
  • ISBN-13: 978-9-380-06978-4
  • Contents: 28 Pages
  • Size: 6.10" x 7.67"
  • Ages 3-5
  • Brand: Om Kidz

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