Bumble Bear The Beeginning Kindle eBook

Bumble Bear The Beeginning Kindle eBook

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Kids will love story time as the tale of Bumble Bear’s outlandish scheme unfolds. In this determined adventure, The Beeginning, Bumble Bear makes his first attempt to outwit the bees in his neighboring meadow. He tries to masquerade as a giant honey bee! Silly Bumble Bear. He quickly learns that outsmarting the bees might be as difficult as outdistancing them. After he shares his lesson learned with cubs Wear and Tear, he sets about planning his next honey-hunting adventure. With gorgeous illustrations this will fast-become a “read it again!” favorite.

Fun Features & Benefits
 •    Part of a 4-book series
 •    Beautiful illustrations capture attention
 •    Relatable themes and experiences
 •    Memorable story line and main characters!

Skills: reading; vocabulary; imagination

Bumble Bear: The Beeginning (Kindle eBook)Details

  • Product# 35040
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-887-43835-6
  • Ages 3+
  • Brand: School Zone

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