Bumble Bear Roll Out the Barrel Kindle eBook

Bumble Bear Roll Out the Barrel Kindle eBook

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Oh, no! Bumble Bear is at it again, with another get-in-trouble, honey-hunting shortcut. In Roll Out the Barrel, Bumble Bear is inspired by his sweet-talking cubs, Wear and Tear, who ask the bees for a modest amount of honey and receive it. Forgetting his manners, Bumble Bear finds himself over a barrel in this delightful story about a hasty plan and a hasty retreat! It includes a big lesson about getting greedy. With gorgeous illustrations this will fast-become a “read it again!” favorite.

Fun Features & Benefits
 •    Part of a 4-book series
 •    Beautiful illustrations capture attention
 •    Relatable themes and experiences
 •    Memorable story line and main characters

Skills: reading; vocabulary; imagination

Bumble Bear: Roll Out the Barrel (Kindle eBook)Details

  • Product# 35042
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-887-43884-4
  • Ages 3+
  • Brand: School Zone

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