The Last Game Read-along iOS eBook

The Last Game Read-along iOS eBook

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Every child loves story time! Books from the Start to Read! series, in read-along format, narrate and present interesting stories with familiar themes that help children learn to read.

The Last Game builds suspense and action, as a dramatic, tie-breaking baseball game unfolds, and boys and girls on the two teams make their best plays. As a Level 3 selection from the series, it’s intended for young readers with some experience at Levels 1 and 2. Most of the words are typically introduced in first and second grade. The words cheer, amazing, bounces, toward, knee, covering, quickly and although are higher-level words. In order to read successfully, children need to master a basic vocabulary of sight words and learn to sound out words. This read-along storybook for iBooks makes it extra fun. With beginning vocabulary, many basic sight words, clever rhymes, and a short sentence or two on each page, it’s a super solution to the “Read me a story!” refrain. Plus, the book becomes a self-directed learning experience. Kids can listen to the story any time they want. Highlighted words help them follow along with the narrator in every turn of the page, or they can try reading the story on their own.

Level 3

Written by: James Hoffman
Illustrated by: Mick Reid
Narrated by: Tim Brown

Fun Features & Big Benefits

  • Part of a multi-level series
  • Introduces 45-7-150 new words
  • Relies on core words and repetition
  • Presents familiar themes and experiences
  • Illustrated to provide important picture clues
  • Memorable story line and main characters
  • Read-to-me audio

Skills: rhyming; reading; vocabulary

The Last Game Read-along (iOS eBook)Details

  • Product# 35081
  • ISBN-13: 978-1-601-59659-8
  • Ages 6-7
  • Brand: School Zone
  • Trademarks: Start to Read!®

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