Noise in the Night Kindle eBook

Noise in the Night Kindle eBook

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Noise in the Night creatively explains the noises a house might make as it “stretches and yawns.”

The Start to Read! series helps children learn to read by presenting interesting stories with easy vocabularies. Words are repeated. Sentences are short. Rhyming words help children increase their vocabularies. Meaningful clues in the illustrations are abundant. After several readings with a partner, the child should be able to read alone. Most of all, the reading experience should be enjoyable.

Most of the vocabulary words in Noise in the Night are typically introduced in first grade and second grade. The words noise, scratch, squeak, creak, spread, ceiling, squealing, attic, whispered, voice, stretch, and remember are higher-level words. You may need to help your child sound out these words.

Written by: Bruce Witty
Illustrated by: Miriam Nerlove
Colored by: Gail L. Suess

Fun Features & Big Benefits

  • Part of a multi-level series
  • Introduces 45-150 new words
  • Relies on core words and repetition
  • Presents familiar themes and experiences
  • Illustrated to provide important picture clues
  • Memorable story line and main characters

Skills: rhyming; reading; vocabulary

Noise in the Night (Kindle eBook)Details

  • Product# 8873
  • ISBN-13: 978-1-601-59362-7
  • Ages 6-7
  • Brand: School Zone
  • Trademarks: Start to Read!®

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