The Big Race - A Level 2 Start to Read! Book

The Big Race - A Level 2 Start to Read! Book

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Help your child learn to read with an amusing story of teamwork. Intended as a next step after Level 1 introduction to reading, this Level 2 storybook from the Start to Read! series features controlled vocabulary, simple sentence patterns, and rhyming words. In The Big Race identical twins named Jace and Mace outsmart a neighborhood bully called Ace. Two clever, determined people working together really can accomplish more! The story introduces 50-70 new words, and many of them can be read by changing the initial sound or by rhyming with a known word. Picture clues provide considerable support for the text. All the elements add up to reading success! You may need to help your child sound out some words, then after several readings together, encourage him or her to read alone. This is just one selection in Dr. James Hoffman’s Start to Read! Early Reading Program, with storybooks across three progressive reading levels.

Level 2

Written by: Barbara Gregorich
Illustrated by: Barbara Alexander

Fun Features & Big Benefits

  • Part of a multi-level series
  • Introduces 50-70 new words
  • Relies on core words and repetition
  • Presents familiar themes and experiences
  • Illustrated to provide important picture clues
  • Memorable story line and main characters

Skills: rhyming; reading; vocabulary

The Big Race - A Level 2 Start to Read! BookDetails

  • Product# 06018
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-887-43018-3
  • Contents: 16-page book
  • Size: 6.625" x 9"
  • Ages 5-7
  • Brand: School Zone
  • Trademarks: Start to Read!®

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