1. The agreement only includes all what (factory products) produces, as the both side agrees with.
  2. The first side must deliver the ordered items in the mentioned time at each invoice.
  3. The first side has guaranteed the products quality to the second side; and the time that the second side faces a problem the first side will guarantee the solutions.
  4. Factory products prices would be changed during six months; as well as the time that factory would like to change the price, the second side must be informed at least a month before.
  5. The second side will have the complete right to use the pictures, catalog and the information’s that factory have, So the exporter would be always ready to support it in each point accordingly.
  6. The second side is the exclusive agent in (agent country) only. As (factory) has agreed to do this agreement and not to sell its goods in (agent country). In addition to that, if the first side will sell its part to a different customer then the second side will have the complete right to judge the first side according to the Turkish or (agent country).
  7. (factory) has agreed to transfer any (agent country) client for factory products to the second side and advice the client and the second side to the best way to keep in touch.
  8. This agreement duration is only for one year, but it can be renewed for a new year after both companies accept.
  9. This agreement after corporation between the two sides and has a deals to know the seriousness of the second side and the Statement of financial solvency.
  10. The payment based on US dollar; as the transfer for each invoice would be according to the done situations of the both sides.
  11. We rely on Junior Practice company to prepare our learning contents in Kids Academy and would be nicely for our agents to rely on them too.
  12. We rely on DLEAF company to provide us with needed hardware and software for Kids Academy and would be nicely for our agents to rely on them too.
  13. We rely on Comelite Architecture & Structure company in shows and mother care decorations and would be nicely for our agents to rely also on it for their decorations.